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Get Meals-to-You

Posted Date: 05/21/2020

Get Meals-to-You

Meals to You

How to Apply:

1. Go to and select "Emergency Meals to You".

2. Scroll down and choose “Yes” for “Consent to use information” to begin your application.

3. Choose “Yes” under “Check Your District”

4. Fill out the parent/legal guardian contact information.

5. Confirm your addressing using the UPS Address Validator. You will need to enter the validated address under “Household Information” to prevent food box deliveries being delayed. Click “Next”

6. Enter your student’s information under “Participant Information” and select “McMinn County Schools” in the “Child’s School District” drop-down. You will need to have your student’s school ID number for this step. To enroll more than one student, scroll to the bottom of the form and select “Add another Child”

7. Select your responses for “Optional Program Opportunities”, then “Submit”

8. Check the email that you provided to ensure all contact information is correct and follow any further directions.

For More Information, visit 

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