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Connecting to the Internet on the McMinnSchools network

McMinn County Schools provides Internet access to teachers, staff and students. In accordance with the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA), McMinn Schools may require users to install a certificate for authentication in order to get on the network in the McMinn School System.

Getting online

Connect to the McMinnSchools wifi network, using your McMinn Schools email address and password.


Follow the instructions below to put the certificate on your device to use it with our Internet.


Security Certificate Installation Instructions (one time process)

After you complete the process you may need to restart your phone/device.

Click here to view a PDF Guide (with photos) for installing the certificate


Windows PC

On the device you are wanting access on 

Download the installer here

Run the installer - you need admin rights on your device to do this.


iOS Devices (iPad/iPhone)

On the device you are wanting access on

Download the certificate here within Safari.

Click on the downloaded file and press the Install button.

You will be prompted with a warning message that says, "Installing this profile will
change settings on your (Device)." Press the Install Now button.

Once installed, you must enable full trust by going to Settings, then General, then About.
Scroll to the bottom and select "Certificate Trust Settings" -- Check *.securly.com (Click here for photo)


Android Devices (phones and tablets) - please note - you must have a screen pattern lock
or password on your device to be able to do this.

On the device you are wanting access on

Download the certificate from here. Open with defaults.

At the Name the certificate screen give the certificate a name (whatever you like) and press the OK button.


Mac (OS-X)

On the device you are wanting access on

Download in the installer from here.

Open up the archive and run the installer.


If you are still experiencing issues contact Technology by emailing technology@mcminnschools.com



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